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About Jones Bros.

Jones Bros. Tree Co. was established in 1938 and served the residential and municipal communities of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. Bilbo Jones, the founder of the company, was a well-respected businessman and revered as a pioneer in the local tree care industry. In addition to tree pruning and tree removal, Mr. Jones provided tree transplanting and tree installation services. Jones Bros. was known to provide "Instant Shade," a term coined by Bilbo Jones. During this era, Jones Bros. planted literally thousands of trees in downtown Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Jones's impeccable reputation commanded respect in the local business community and earned him a loyal following of customers throughout the Mid-South. Upon Mr. Jones's death in 1974, his estate chose to sell the company. A local entrepreneur purchased the company from the estate and, recognizing the value of the reputation and goodwill associated with the Jones Bros. name, he chose to keep it.

Late 1974 and early 1975 was a period of transition for the company in which the new owner, Mr. Carl Lawrence, had not taken over full day-to-day operations. In addition to Jones Bros., Mr. Lawrence had many other business interests, so in the spring of 1975 he chose to hire a recent graduate of the University of Florida's Forestry program. The young forester was Robert (Bob) Jurgens, the current owner and president of Jones Bros. Bob assisted the owner with many of the day-to-day operations of the company, including sales, stump removal, mechanical tree transplanting, tree pruning and removals. Within 6 months, Mr. Lawrence came to depend on and trust Bob so thoroughly that Bob soon found himself responsible for scheduling all the work, preparing billing and payroll, handling all customer service needs and 90% of company sales.

This rapid on-the-job training in running a small but highly successful business was invaluable to the young Mr. Jurgens and he quickly began to realize the latent potential of the tree company. In 1975 and 1976, Bob was instrumental in establishing a Landscape Design/Build Department and a Grounds Maintenance Department. Shortly after obtaining his Horticulture Pesticide License, he also established a Horticultural Division. With so many new divisions, it was decided in 1977 to change the name from Jones Bros. Tree Co. to Jones Bros. Tree & Landscape Co., Inc. During that same period, Bob's hard work was rewarded when Mr. Lawrence made him an equity partner in the business.

From 1977 on the business continued to grow and expand, adding an Irrigation Department and a Retail Nursery. Jones Bros. also began to use a crane in the Tree Division, the first in Memphis to add this technology to the tree care industry. By 1980 Mr. Jurgens bought out his partner to become the sole owner.

Mr. Jurgens soon realized that while he had helped to build a highly successful, multi-faceted business-in fact a "onestop" shop for trees and landscapes-the current direction of the company might not be the best direction for the future. Bob's new motto became "Do one thing and do it well." He wanted to focus more on customer satisfaction, quality control and promoting good tree management through the International Society of Arboriculture Tree Care Standards and Specifications

Over a period of time, the company's services were scaled back to focus on the three core businesses: tree servicehorticultural tree and shrub care, and landscape design and installation. During this transitional period, the landscape division also became a spin-off corporation with key and valued employees elevated to equity partnership status. This change allowed Bob to concentrate more fully on tree care operations, bringing all his knowledge and wealth of experience into focus. Recently, the other partners bought Mr. Jurgens's interest in the Landscape Company and became the full owners. While both companies still retain the name of Jones Bros. Tree Co. and Jones Bros. Landscape Co., respectively, and even still operate out of the same offices, Tree and Landscape are now two separate businesses with independent owners..

Since 2000, Jones Bros. has continued to purchase new equipment and updated technology to better serve their customers. In addition to its fleet of trucks and chippers, the company now owns two large cranes and a rear-mount bucket truck to aid in delivering top quality tree care. In 2001, Mr. Jurgens expanded his on-sight facilities to include a 7200 square foot shop and equipment storage building.

In September 2005, the Tree Care Company once again spun-off one of its divisions when Plant Care Specialists, LLC was created out of the Horticultural Tree and Shrub Care Division. This company focuses on keeping your plants healthy through spray and feed treatments.

Today Jones Bros. Tree Co. runs four (4) Tree Services crews, one (1) Large Tree Removal/ Crane crew and one (1) Stump Removal crew. Plant Care Specialists, LLC runs two (2) full time Horticulture Tree and Shrub Spray crews. Since 1938, Jones Bros. Tree Co. has grown exponentially from a small operation with approximately 10 employees and gross annual income of about $175,000.00 to a full scale business with approximately 30 employees and a gross annual income of about $2,244,000.00* 


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