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  Stump Grinding and Removal

It is never our goal to remove a tree, but there are certain circumstances that may make it necessary, such as disease, insect infestation and safety issues. Once a tree has been removed, the stump remains. As difficult as it was to cut down the tree, so will it be to remove the stump. We will work with you to decide if a tree stump should be ground or removed from your property. No matter what you choose, stump maintenance is necessary for a beautiful and clean-looking landscape.

Stump maintenance

Do you care about the aesthetics, safety or sanitation of your lawn? Some of these things could be entering your mind as you are evaluating the need to remove or grind the stump. While quite different, stump removal and stump grinding are two common techniques.

Nevertheless, evaluating the stump in its entirety should be done first and left to the professionals. Other than it being aesthetically pleasing, our team will help you to look at the bigger picture of stump maintenance, which includes some very important benefits. Maintenance of a tree stump will do the following:

  • Remove the possibilities for tree growth since smaller trees can pop up around the stump.
  • Improve safety since a stump could be in the way when mowing or moving other equipment around the yard.
  • Reduce the likelihood of insects and disease from entering a decaying or untreated stump, which can spread to other trees on your property.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding excavates the stump of the tree without removing the roots. A stump grinder is used to mechanically grind out the stump. All that is left is wood chips and sawdust.

What is stump removal?

Stump removal involves pulling the stump from the ground. Employing heavy-duty machinery, the environment is left messy with piles of soil from removing the roots.

Stump grinding versus removal

If you want to make sure there isn’t subsequent growth, we recommend removing the stump all-together. However, stump grinding is more popular because there is less of a mess, making it easier for you to quickly have your landscape looking beautiful again. Removing the stump involves new planting and more work because you’ll need to repair the damaged grass and fill the ruts.

For safe stump removal or grinding, contact Jones Brothers. From a chainsaw to a stump grinder, we have the right equipment and can take the necessary safety precautions. Properly removing a stump requires an understanding of the tree’s root system. We know exactly how to remove it without causing major damage to your property.

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