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Lawn Pest Control & Management

Lawn pest control is extremely important to maintain healthy, vigorous turfgrass. Inspection and prevention are important to get a handle on a problem before it becomes a serious one.

Proper identification is the best way to control lawn pests
Signs that insects have infested your lawn can include:

  • Brown spots, dead and dying grass patches
  • Wilting blades
  • Bite marks on the grass

Without access to commercial-grade products and professional expertise, you are risking getting a lackluster result. Our team can provide better results that don’t come in a bag or bottle bought at your local store. We know how to diagnose and solve the problem in an efficient manner and use approved practices that protect the landscape and your family.

Lawn Care Inspection

A pest-free lawn is pleasant for all the members of your family, including your beloved pets. Jones Brothers will keep an eye on common lawn problems, and we will know how to act. With a comprehensive approach to lawn care, we will be able to look at your landscape in its entirety and offer the right solution to meet your lawn’s needs.


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