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Protect Your Property With A Plant Health Care Program

The practice of plant health care (PHC) involves looking at trees and shrubs as a whole by focusing on developing a healthy landscape. By caring for plants and trees each season, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a beautiful-looking landscape. The goal of plant health care is to proactively keep your trees and shrubs healthy, so they don’t become victim to some serious problems, such as disease infection and insect infestation.

It’s worth investing in plant health care to increase the longevity of your beautifully-kept landscape. Trees and shrubs can make a big difference when it comes to the aesthetics of your home, and they can also increase the value of your property.

When looking to start a plant health care program, consult with certified arborists. Plants are like any other living thing. They can become injured when not treated with proper care. This damage can lead to some serious issues down the road. Our team can spot these potential risks and keep your plants healthy and looking good.


While trees are the dominant plants in your landscape, they share it with shrubs and bedding plants, and they all need proper care. Any treatment you conduct on your lawn can impact the appearance and vitality of a tree. Additionally, the treatment you conduct on your tree can impact your lawn. That’s why it’s important to approach your property by looking at the landscape holistically.

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Preserve Your Landscape’s Most Valuable Assets

Our plant health care specialists offer a variety of services to promote your trees’ health and beauty. The services and treatments listed below are just a sample of what our trained professionals offer. If you want to know more about a service, schedule an appointment, and we will evaluate your tree's unique needs.

Plant health care specialists also offer a variety of services, including:

  • Property inspection and consultation
  • Soil testing and disease/insect identification
  • SoilCare treatments to improve physical, chemical and biological soil properties
  • Water applications during drought
  • Fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide microinjection
  • Dormant and seasonal treatments for common diseases and insect pests
  • Growth regulator application

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